I have for years been watching my clients going through a beautiful process of self development and self confidence through their style, in a society where looking good, and being well dressed is very important!

As an Image Consultant and fashion stylist this is the most amazing result you would like to see and achieve with them.

 When it comes to style, most women have the same desire:

Looking more attractive, more stylish, trendy, fresh, gorgeous and most of all happier, at least about their new image.

 One thing captured my attention with a range of women here in London.

It is that the major aspect of their styling is to fit in a certain crowd, and achieve this feeling of belonging, without realizing, how tiring it is to deal with such a pressure and anxieties about getting the right image day after day, no matter what!

 These women want to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife and perfect at everything. Their ambition turns into aggression and anxiety most of the time. The pressure to get it right, to be perfectly fit, perfectly dressed, perfectly sexy, perfectly up to date with everything that is happening in and around London on where to eat, where to party, where to dress….. .

These women end up wearing, the same clothes, the same brands, the same handbags, drinking the same cold-pressed green juice and even having the same fitness coach and so on! The energy and time devoted to it seems to lead many to the breaking point, and lose of control sometimes!

 What I notice (and it breaks my heart as a woman, and a mother, and wife) is the unhappiness of so many of them, and the un-satisfaction, because of this madness and competitive environment that pushes you to forget about who you really are, and even makes you hide in your own “wardrobe”, through clothes you don’t really like!!! but simply because this is what you have to wear according to The crowd!!

 Somehow, I got this feeling to write few lines on my blog about this particular” tribe”, not to give them advice or lessons, but just to remind all of us as women, on how much pressure we are putting on our shoulders in a society that asks all of us to be and look perfect.

I wanted to remind everyone reading this article, on how important it is to remain yourself no mater what, Life is too short to spend it pleasing whoever it is, or playing a toxic game being a false version of yourself , that adds more stress to your daily ( healthy) life!

 Please dress up in a way that make you happy,smile,  and gives you more confidence, don’t Wear the Gucci Tshirt because it looks Wow on Eliza, or Catherine, wear it, if you only like it.

You have to be yourself, you can’t hide for ever!

 Thankfully, among this tribe of women that I mentioned in this article, many remain generous and loving persons, with whom I learnt so much, especially through their sense of Irony about the lives they themselves lead.

 Style is a way to express yourself and strive, use it the fullest.





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Fashion is my passion, style my everyday job. I fuse my predominantly French style with trends from around the world to create personalised shopping and styling experiences for image conscious clients, enhancing their individual look.

2 thoughts on “Don’t hide in your wardrobe!

  1. ML

    Can’t agree more on your article.
    Well done ?


    1. Lilya Chair

      Thank you dear Marie laurence!


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