Styling for kids is an art form: not only can they be incredibly picky about they want to wear, but they grow so quickly, and put their clothing through all manner of stresses, from mud to chocolate, and more! Regardless of whether you’re looking to create a capsule wardrobe for your little princess as she goes through the terrible twos, or have a teenager looking to transition their look from adolescence to adulthood, I’m always here to help.

I start each kid’s styling session by getting to know both you and your child, and to understand what you both want and need. I keep the sessions short and sweet, with plenty of fun distractions, so your child learns that fashion and shopping are things to be enjoyed. I’ll introduce you to child-friendly brands and stores, and, as a mum myself, impart my own tried and tested tips about how to successfully shop with a child in tow!


“Having had two girls, with all their pretty outfits, I had no idea how to dress my new son! Lilya helped me choose a selection of smart casual pieces which would stand up to rough and tumble but were also presentable for the precious occasions when we can get together and go out as a family.”
Katie, Mum of 3

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