Would You like to look and feel great?

The key to lifelong style, and to wearing fashion well, is to fully understand yourself, and sometimes that requires an independent eye. In a personal styling session, I will analyse your face and body shape, colour, and style so that you can make informed decisions about what reflects the real you.

I bring years of professional experience to my colour analysis and styling sessions, and enthusiastically impart my knowledge. You’ll learn how different colours effect how you feel and how others see you, and which ones to choose to complement your hair and complexion. Based on your body and face shape, I’ll teach you which fabrics and cuts to choose, and why, so you can make the most of your figure, dressing with confidence and style.

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“My colour and styling session with Lilya was extremely revealing: it was an eye opener. I not only really enjoyed it, but it has really change my fashion style: I am now more daring and feminine.”
Lou Denim, Fashion Photographer

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