Despite all the trends we see on magazines, catwalks, street styles…ect, that most people want to follow, No wardrobe is complete without The Essentials.

They are the key items you will use to create every outfit.

If you are looking to lightning up your wardrobe for this sunny coming season, you definitely need to know what they are!

1-White T shirt, White and Stripy shirts are your best friends! Even though they are not the most exciting pieces, but they are definitely the most versatile ones!

2-Boy friend jeans or an other version of more relaxed jeans in a summer shade.

3- Stripy T-shirt, the marine style is always a good idea in summer time.

4-The maxi dress! you will feel like a queen when it’s the right cut and the right color!

5-shirt dress, or the perfect white little dress, this is an amazing way to look classy and cool at the same time.

6- white trouser. This season you can also add wide trousers in the color of your mood!

7- Denim Jacket and well cut cardigan .

8-Midi Skirt, the new mini skirt is the midi skirt.

9-Denim short and classic short.

10.Colorful scarfs

11- Statement piece of earrings.

12- A beautiful hat that suits the shape of your face.

13- colorful bags, small ( cross body) or big ( beach bags) and clutches.

14-Over size blazer.

15- Colorful and nude flats, and white sneakers

16-Eye catching heels and sandals.

17- Sunglasses are a must! and you will need at least Two!

18- colorful sports items will always brighten your casual looks.



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