People around me are very curious and ask a lot of questions about my profession and how it works, and the kind of clients I do have. It is a bit like doctors or lawyers, meaning, you first expose your challenges or concerns. Therefore people often ask me my opinion on their looks, appearance, what they should wear, places to shop, etc.

Sometimes I define my role of “Personal Shopper / Stylist” as an alternative psychologist because it is a trust based relationship.

Technically the personal shopper is a fashion professional, to guide you to make the right decisions while shopping, it is a way to learn to develop style and find a look that reflects your own personality, in addition to the morphological analysis, and colors suitability. The idea is to learn to “shop right” and not buy items that remain in the back of your closet.

What I like best in this role is the final result, the big smile on my client face and I love to hear them say, “I really enjoyed it”, “would never have noticed this garment without you”, “I would never have dared without you”, “I did not think this color would work on me”.

I also like the complicity that installs quickly in this kind of profession. We always end up looking like very good friends enjoying shopping together.

Lilya and Tatianna



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Fashion is my passion, style my everyday job. I fuse my predominantly French style with trends from around the world to create personalised shopping and styling experiences for image conscious clients, enhancing their individual look.

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