Looking and feeling great is not just about the clothes and makeup you wear: it’s also about your health and wellbeing. With my lifestyle sessions I want to help you radiate from the inside out, ensuring your body, mind, and spirit are all in perfect harmony.

My lifestyle sessions can focus on multiple areas, depending on your interests and needs. I can advise you on diet and exercise to improve your physical wellbeing; and also introduce you to yoga and meditation coaches to your body and mind are well balanced. Addressing your body’s physical needs — from eating the right foods, to getting enough sleep, and ensuring you have a well-earned break somewhere beautiful and relaxing — is key to optimising how you feel, and also how you look.

“My professional life is hectic and stressful, and for a long time I’d forgotten to take care of myself. Lilya’s session reminded me of the importance of eating and sleeping well, and of taking time off to travel. Three months on I already feel happier in myself, and I’m better equipped to face challenges at work.”
Carly Harris, Lawyer

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