Lilya is highly sought after for her passionate, compassionate, and energetic approach to personal development and healing. Her understanding of different cultures, Eastern mysticism, coupled with her intuitive gifts, is deeply life-changing.

Coming from a family of healers, Lilya strongly believes in the power of energy and the unique qualities that make each of us special. Guided by this belief, she collaborates with the best professionals in London and beyond to assist her clients in achieving their goals and finding true fulfillment. Lilya is dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, empowering others to tap into their inner strengths and embrace their authenticity.

Lilya’s passion for fashion, beautiful experiences, and art is truly awe-inspiring. Her journey began in luxury in France, but it was in London where she discovered her true calling as a personal stylist and life coach over a decade ago. With her extensive connections in the fashion and art world, navigating life will become a much smoother and more enriching experience.

But it’s not just about appearances; Lilya believes in the transformative power of fashion on our mindset. The way you perceive yourself in the mirror will undergo a remarkable shift. Lilya firmly believes in the “look good, feel good” effect and is dedicated to empowering women to dress in a way that aligns with their body shape, spirit, occasions, and even their mood of the day.

Booking a styling trip with Lilya is so much more than a simple dress-up class. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the profound impact that fashion and personal style can have on your confidence and overall well-being. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and let Lilya’s expertise guide you towards a more vibrant and authentic version of yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a simple wardrobe update or a complete style transformation to reflect a new phase of your life, Lilya is here to guide you every step of the way. From the basics to haute couture and bespoke pieces, she will curate a personalized fashion journey tailored to your unique wishes and budget.