As a shoe designer, fashion, and more specifically shoes, are definitely in my DNA. I will always plan an outfit around a striking pair of Lucy Choi London heels. That is where Lilya is so wonderful. She has such an eye for picking out a perfect outfit that encapsulates my brand’s “Rock & Royal” ethos, which I inject into my own personal style. Lilya has such an infectious positive and vibrant energy. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Lilya on amazing events at my boutique. It was such a pleasure to meet her other clients, who have all been given a new sense of confidence and poise in their outfit choices with Lilya’s fantastic help, guidance and keen eye for elegance and style.

Lucy Choi, Shoe Designer

More about Lilya Chair

Fashion is my passion, style my everyday job. I fuse my predominantly French style with trends from around the world to create personalised shopping and styling experiences for image conscious clients, enhancing their individual look.