Coaching with Lylia goes beyond just a regular coaching session. Lylia’s energy and attentiveness are extraordinary. Her vibrational intelligence connects with ours, and she has the gift of uplifting us emotionally. Her unique approach to coaching combines her deep understanding of human emotions with her exceptional ability to listen and guide. Lylia’s coaching sessions are transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on personal growth and development. With her support and guidance, I achieved remarkable results in different area of my  life.

Anonymous testimonial

What are the best choices for late summer fashion?I turned to my styling expert, London-based personal shopper Lilya Chair. She tracks the latest trends and hottest designers from Central London and sent along some tips for when late summer meets early fall cooling.

John Scott Lewinski, Crave Online

My colour and styling session with Lilya was extremely revealing: it was an eye opener. I decided to ask her to restyle my whole wardrobe, which was an amazing experience. I definitely recommend Lilya’s styling session. Not only did I really enjoyed it, but it has really change my fashion style: I am now more daring and feminine.

Lou Denim, Fashion Photographer

As a shoe designer, fashion, and more specifically shoes, are definitely in my DNA. I will always plan an outfit around a striking pair of Lucy Choi London heels. That is where Lilya is so wonderful. She has such an eye for picking out a perfect outfit that encapsulates my brand’s “Rock & Royal” ethos, which I inject into my own personal style. Lilya has such an infectious positive and vibrant energy. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Lilya on amazing events at my boutique. It was such a pleasure to meet her other clients, who have all been given a new sense of confidence and poise in their outfit choices with Lilya’s fantastic help, guidance and keen eye for elegance and style.

Lucy Choi, Shoe Designer

My experience with Lilya went beyond mere business interactions. It evolved into a relationship that spanned multiple dimensions.
She provided unwavering support in all aspects and was incredibly generous with her time.
Lilya’s exceptional ability to comprehend and articulate the essence of quality was truly remarkable.
It is exceedingly rare to encounter such a level of service and dedication.

Yara Shoemaker

Lilya is the glue in a wonderful network of like-minded women, creating a nurturing space for growth and support. Her advice, always heartfelt and well-intentioned, reflects her deep empathy and genuine desire to uplift those around her. Her warmth and sincerity make her an invaluable friend and confidante, and her ability to connect people is truly a gift to us all. In Lilya’s presence, you can’t help but feel embraced by her kindness and inspired by her unwavering positivity.

Alexia Genta

Lilya is an amazing personal stylist. Not only does she have an incredible sense of style but also she makes personal shopping a fun and productive experience. Prior to shopping, Lilya takes time to understand my style and what I like and dislike. She then researches and pre-selects some outfits. With so many choices out there it can be overwhelming but Lilya always finds the style, shapes & colours that suit me, as well as pushing my boundaries a little. I am always delighted with the result. She really has a fantastic eye for fashion!

Adrienne Dennehy

According to London stylist Lilya Chair, men in the British capital have started to pay more attention to the clothes they wear and have adopted healthy skincare habits to achieve a flawless complexion.

Vicky Lee